Round 2

Well the summer has come and gone. The staff took the rest of August off to recuperate from a fun-filled and busy nine weeks of summer. September is ending with cool mornings and warm afternoons. Liv and I have officially been living in Baltimore for a full year! There are days I still feel so new to the city and yet, I can drive to a good 90% of our local partners and neighborhoods without using navigation. Now, I may not know exactly where I am, but a quick view of the directions and I am like, “oh, right, I know where that is!” and I am off. I have begun to venture out into new parts of the city and experience Baltimore specific things like duckpin bowling and locally crafted food and drink. 

This fall is slow in terms of groups coming for mission service, but very packed for us as a staff. The Center is in a unique position for growth with room to develop and think ahead to the future. In the midst of visioning and reflecting on the last year, we are also organizing and strategizing as we prep for General Assembly (GA) 224 here in Baltimore. In 8 short months we will be completing the final touches of the sacred object art project; finishing meetings and prep for summer camps to begin with our partners; moving offices to our downtown location at First and Franklin Presbyterian Church; and making sure we have all the things needed to welcome groups, commissioners, visiting families, partners, reporters, etc. into the life and work of The Center. So we welcome this time to focus in on the details and prep work needed to make this all happen. 

Note: Registration for winter and spring groups is open as well as summer registration! Visit our serving information page for more information and calendar. Stay tuned for a special announcement about registering for a service day(s) during the week of GA 224 coming soon in October!