Week 8: Back Home

Precious, Precious oh wow, how your garden has grown

Tomatoes, herbs and native plants

And are those carrots all in a row!?!

Angels keep watch as sprouts rise up

To meet the air and sun

And another day of planting and harvest

Brings joy to everyone!

There is no greater joy than to be at Glenwood Life Counseling Center! It has truly become a home away from home, like many of our other partner locations. I have truly seen this site grow and change in the last 11 months. From the expansion done in May to add native plants that are thriving and blooming; to all the new plants Precious is trying out in the beds. There are sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes that are soooo sweet! Herbs are growing and three youth visiting from the Czech Republic helped to plant radishes, cucumbers, and composting soil into beds. There is never a dull moment around Glenwood Life. 

On our second day there, Precious wanted to clean up the street because it was supposed to rain that evening. She did not want the trash to flow down the street and into the sewer system so she organized with some young men who hangout on the corner, and a young woman, Angie Winder, running for council for that area to have a mass clean up. This was one of two that Precious organized. Liv and I walked up to The Hut, as it is called, to gather a few extra supplies. It was also the day of the market and so it was cool to meet a few interns helping set up for the market. They were about to head down to Glenwood Life to pick up the tomatoes, carrots and a few peppers we harvested the day before. Outside of getting to work with our partners for longer periods of time, this summer has been about connecting the dots between our partners and the community they are connected to. Liv saw a few of the youth that attended the McCabe camp down the street weeks before, and it was beautiful to see them get excited about worms and try a few things out of the garden. I am excited to see what grows next in this precious garden, next to an opioid treatment center in East Baltimore. 

-Mel Lowry