Winter at The Center

It is the start of a new year, but still humbling to know that it has only been five months here in Baltimore. Though Liv and I have experienced so much in this short period of time, we know there is still much much more to experience. We started pretty quickly and very hands on. The holidays brought the expected slow down and reving back up into a new year.

One might think with the start of true winter storms that things stop or slow down drastically. For The Center it is just another chance to see how congregations become creative in their mission work with the change of seasons. Visiting mission groups come willing to brace through whatever element(s) the weather presents that week; and The Center welcomes it all with excitement and expectation that God will move and show up as always. So we began this new year and start of winter with a group of college students completing a January intensive (j-term or jan-term) course looking at the intersection of faith and justice. We helped with the 2nd annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay and Speech Contest in West Baltimore hosted by a partner congregation. We are preparing to help with a monthly feeding program and a new mission initiative that is meeting neighbors through providing firewood during these colder days.

Liv and I are meeting with pastors throughout the Baltimore Presbytery, learning more about the neighborhoods and the people who live there. The diversity runs deep, not just from person to person, but from block to block. Each church has a unique perspective of Baltimore as it relates to the area and the street on which their church is located. I am grateful for a few churches that have extended preaching opportunities and look forward to sharing worship as a intimate way to understand how they gather as community and understand their church’s mission. January, February and March are definitely filled with opportunity for all of us here at The Center. We hope you will join us soon and thank you for your continued support!

-Melva, Hands and Feet Fellow