Centern Stories: Week Zero with Laura

Last week, the interns and I worked with FPC Raleigh at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church and Rockrose City Farm to do some gardening. (see previous post to see interviews with the youth about their week here). Going into that week, I was definitely excited about the work we were going to do and the relationships we were going to build. Despite this week not lending to a lot of interaction with community members, the youth were able to have a wonderful opportunity on Tuesday. They were able to sit down and have lunch with people from the community that came in for a meal. Given that we had just talked about crossing boundaries the night before, this was their chance to cross the boundaries that were presented to them. When it was time to eat, there was a moment of hesitation from the group. They seemed unsure what to do at first. After some direction from one of their group leaders, the youth finally were seated and people from the community joined them for a meal.

Looking around the room, it was incredible to see the interactions the youth and adults were having. They were all crossing boundaries and navigating how to do it respectfully. That day and the rest of the week, the youth constantly brought up conversations that they had with community members. Knowing the youth all step outside their safe boundaries and purposefully got to know someone that is different from them meant that they were getting what we were teaching. As someone that has been a participant at The Center, I know that the relationships made and the boundaries that were crossed is something that can really make a difference.

This was one of the reasons why I wanted to become a Center Intern (Centern). I wanted to build more relationships with people and cross boundaries, but also see other groups do the same. Last week was just the beginning to what is going to be a great and boundary breaking summer. Stay tuned for more adventures!